4 Cool Tech Accessories Coming To CES 2016


4 Cool Tech Accessories Coming To CES 2016CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a giant tech festival which is held every year in January in Las Vegas. The CES 2016 is about to begin and various companies in field of electronics, automotive, 3D, networking, etc are ready to showcase their latest products.

4 Cool Tech Accessories Coming To CES 2016.

1. The Nest

First one is an accessory named The Nest from Digital Innovation. The Nest is an in-ear headphones holder which is made of silicone. It is easy to use accessories and helps to keep your earphones tangled free. Currently it is selling at a price of $9.99 dollars.

2. Enlaps

Second accessory on the list is for photography enthusiast called Enlaps. In short it is a camera which can do everything itself.

Enlaps comes with a in-built solar panel which keeps on charging it batteries, it can remotely transmit images and it is capable of capturing images at set intervals with its 230 degree wide angle lens.

3. Handycase

Number three is the Handycase. It is an accessories meant for apple products (iphone and ipad). Handycase is a back cover that allows users to control the device from the behind. This case uses Bluetooth technology to connect to another device.

4. Cell Budz

Fourth is a smartphone case called Cell Budz. Cell Budz is not only a smartphone case which provide you strong grip and protects the phone while dropping. Rather it comes with in-built retractable headphones as well as a power bank. Currently it is not available for all the smartphones out in the market but it is available for latest iphone models as well as few of the android handsets.

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