Facebook Initiating 2G Tuesdays Program For Better UX


Facebook Initiating 2G Tuesdays Program For Better UX

Even when the world is moving onto 3G, 4G LTE data speeds, but still there is a large section of people who are stuck with 2G network. This may be due to the unavailability of the network depending upon the places they live or the cost can also be another factor.

But the user experience of these people is completely different as compared to the consumers browsing the internet on 4G LTE network.

To minimize this broad gap Facebook has taken a step to make the user experience of Facebook users a more delightful experience by starting the “Facebook 2G Tuesdays” program, in which the Facebook employees, logging into their accounts can switch to the 2G mode for an hour, to get a better sense of how the majority of people around the globe encounter the slow data connection problems. Which will help the developers to write the code, that would bring change, for the betterment of the user.

People are coming online at a staggering rate in emerging markets and, in most cases, are doing so on mobile via 2G connections. But on the lower end of 2G networks, it can take about two minutes to download a webpage. We need to understand how people use Facebook in different internet connections in all parts of the world so we can build the best experience for them. In order to better Understand this, we are starting “2GTuesdays”, in which employees will have the option to have their mobile phones simulate a 2G connection. We hope this will help us understand how people are sing Facebook on slower connections, so we can build a better product for all of the people using it.

– Facebook spokesperson

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