Google Unveils Pixel C Tablet End To End Built By Google


Google Unveils Pixel C Tablet End To End Built By Google Pixel C Tablet

At the nexus launch event, Google has also unveiled its Pixel C android tablet and the “C” stands for convertible.

Google Pixel C, Convertible tablet will be running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system and it will be featuring a 10.2 inch (2560 x 1800) pixels resolution display with 308 ppi This Tablet comes with a detachable keyboard which uses very strong magnates to stick with tablet other than using any kind of hinges or kick stands. While using it as a tablet, the Keyboard can be stick to back side, or you can use it as a laptop and you can also remove the keyboard if you like.

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This keyboard does not need to be charged separately, it can get its charge from the tablet itself wirelessly. Pixel C hybrid tablet is powered by a NVIDIA X1 quad Core CPU along with Maxwell GPU and it will be having 3GB RAM.

Google’s Pixel C tablet will be coming with dual stero speakers, 4 inbuilt microphones and in terms of connectivity it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C port.

Prices for 32GB Variant Pixel C Tablet starts from $499 and 64GB variants comes at $599 and the keyboard is sold separately for additional $149.

Pixel C Android tablet will be launched in coming months.

Google Pixel C Tablet Specifications

10.2 inch (2560 x 1800) pixels resolution display with 308ppi

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system

NVIDIA X1 Quad Core processor, Maxwell GPU, 3GB RAM

32GB / 64GB internal storage variants

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C port, 3.5 mm audio jack

Magnetic Detachable Keyboard (Bluetooth Connectivity)

Dual Stereo Speaker, 4 inbuilt microphones

Google Pixel C Tablet 32GB Price $499
Google Pixel C Tablet 64GB Price $599

Converted Price In Indian Currency

Google Pixel C Tablet 32GB Price In India Rs. 32,725/-
Google Pixel C Tablet 64B Price In India Rs. 39,283/- 


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