LeTV LeVR Cool1: Experience Virtual Reality In A $23 VR Headset


LeTv LeVR Cool1 Experience Virtual Reality In A $23 VR HeadsetLeTv is the largest online video company in China and it has previously stepped into the Smartphone market and recently LeTv has taken another step in the VR (virtual reality) by launching its LeTv LeVR Cool1 which is not the first VR headset by the company, as the LeTv Super Helmet was launched back in September for 1,999 Yuan.

The surprising fact about this VR headset is its price. LeVR Cool1 is one of the most affordable VR headsets selling at 149 Yuan which is equal to $23 USD or approximately 1,523/- Indian rupees.

Talking about the VR itself, according to me it is definitely one of the most out-standing piece of tech in 2015 and it might not be selling as well as other gadgets when it comes number of VR headsets sold this year, but it has a very bold and strong future ahead.

~Manu Shukla

Currently there are few companies, who have already launched their VR headsets like Samsung, Zeiss, Oculus, etc and many more companies like HTC, Microsoft are still working VR projects.

LeTv LeVR Cool1 is not only an affordable VR headset, but it is also a practical device from the marketing aspect as well. Currently LeTv LeVR Cool1 can be used with LeTv Le1 as well as Le 1 Pro smartphones which means you will be able to stream a lot of video content because at the end, LeTv is an online video company. And, LeTv is also planning to load its VR headsets with third-party-terminals which will support other smartphones as well. Whereas the Samsung Gear VR supports only high-end Samsung smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6 Edge, S6 and it cost $99.

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LeTv LeVR Cool1 Virtual Reality Headset For $23

Google and OnePlus have previously launched their VR cardboard platforms, which are nowhere near LeVR Cool1 in terms of build. This headset also comes with Bluetooth remote to give you quick access to frequently used features.

LeTv LeVR Cool1 is going on sale on 29th December in China for approx $23 USD and LeTv will be selling it in 20,000 units slots.

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