LG Announced 14 inch Ultra PC and worlds first 21:9 curved AIO PC


LG Announced 14 inch Ultra PC and worlds first 21:9 curved AIO PCLG at Seoul which is capital of South Korea has announced world’s lightest 14 inch ultra pc along with a world’s first 21:9 curved all in one (AIO) PC.

The light weight 14 inch Ultra PC laptop is denoted by the model number 14Z950 and it comes with a 14 inch Full HD IPS display. This machine measures only 13.4 mm at its thickest point and weights only 980g. This ultra pc laptop is powered by a Intel’s fifth generation CPU and it is capable of providing up to 10.5 hours of battery life. A 13.3 inch Ultra PC model number 13Z940 was also introduced at this event.

LG All in one pc with 21 9 curved displayAlong with these device an All-In-One (AIO) PC was also announced which is said to be the words first 21:9 Curved AIO PC. This new AIO (29V950) comes with an ultra wide 29 inches curved (21:9) display and it will also be packed with a Intel’s fifth generation core processors. The AIO can also be accessed outside of home with the help of HOMEDRIVE, so now you can access you AIO easily even on your mobile from any place.

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Availability and prices of these devices is not announced.

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