Mahindra GenZe 2.0; An All Electric Scooter At CES 2016


Mahindra GenZe 2.0; An All Electric Scooter (CES 2016)As the world is moving towards more & more efficient transportation systems, the most common term being coined is “Electric”. Mahindra GenZe 2.0 is an all eclectic scooter showcased at CES 2016 which is not only going to help by keeping the environment clean, but it is also capable of solving the growing problem of parking in metro cities.

Mahindra GenZe 2.0 is an all eclectic scooter which has a top speed of 30mph / 48.2kmph and it is capable of providing a range of up-to 30 miles / 48km on a single charge. It can reach 0 to 30mph in 8 seconds and it batteries can be completely charged in about 3.5 hours. So to charge this scooter, you have to take out the batteries, which is not as difficult process as it sounds and then you can take it with you to any standard charging outlet.

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This electric scooter comes with a 7 inch touch screen which works as a speedometer as well as to change the scooter settings. This scooter has 3 drive modes easy, economy and sports. It also allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet with an in-built charging port placed under the seat. To achieve the 30 miles goal, Mahindra GenZe 2.0 uses LED lights to keep the battery consumption low and it also has regenerative braking, which regenerates small amount of electricity to the charge the batteries whenever you hit brakes.

Mahindra could have gone for higher speed limits but 30mph means you do not need any licence to ride this scooter in most of the states in US. Other than that, it doesn’t require any keys, you can just enter a 4-digit pin to begin your ride.

This all electric scooter from Mahindra is available in US at price tag of $3000 USD which is approximately Rs. 2,00,669/- Indian rupees (approx 2 Lakhs).

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Mahindra GenZe 2.0 Electric Scooter Price $3000

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