Notafire Pro Smart Smoke Alarm Launched With Wireless Connectivity, Integrated Camera


Notafire Pro Smart Smoke Alarm Launched With Wireless Connectivity, Integrated CameraA New York-based manufacturer Notafire has launched a smart smoke alarm called “Notafire Pro” which come equipped with 5 safety sensors and it can also easily blend into your home environment.

Unlike many other smoke alarm systems, the Notafire Pro is meant to blend in your home environment and the only part visible outside the ceiling, is measured 6mm. This smoke alarm comes with 5 different kinds of sensors from photoelectric, Ionization to carbon monoxide detection sensor and some of the sensors can also be configured appropriately by the user.

In multi-storey housing, these smoke alarms can also be interconnected with other Notafire Pro smoke alarms. So in the case of an emergency, all the alarms are activated.

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Notafire Pro Smart Smoke AlarmNotafire Pro comes with an integrated 8 Megapixel camera which can send pictures to a smartphone. In terms of connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi, IFTTT, and Z-wave for a better integration with other appliances.

Notafire Pro Key Specifications

  • Measures 4.3 inches, protrudes only 6mm after fitting.
  • 5 Sensors (Photoelectric, Ionization, Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Monoxide)
  • 8 Megapixel in-built camera
  • Wi-Fi, IFTTT, Z-Wave

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