Sample Photos Directly From OnePlus 2 Camera


Sample Photos Directly From OnePlus 2 CameraRecently, famous YouTuber MKBHD has got the exclusive OnePlus 2 handset from the company even before the actual launch of the handset which is scheduled on 27th July and he has posted a dedicated OnePlus 2 Camera Review.

OnePlus 2 Camera will have pretty simple interface and will have Clear mode, HRD mode, panoramic mode, beauty mode and OnePlus 2 will be capable of recording 4K videos as well as slow motion videos at 720p.

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Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has also posted as side by side comparison of OnePlus One, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Plus and the all new OnePlus 2.

Overall the photos take from OnePlus 2 look decent and well exposed and off-course, the phone also has rear LED flash which is confirmed, already.

OnePlus 2 Camera Comparison | OnePlus 2 Camera Samples

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Source : MKBHD


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