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Sundar Panchi Appointed Google’s New CEOSundar Pichai, the India born real super hero has finally became Google’s CEO after his long dedicated work time spell in various departments in Google.

Sundar Pichai born in India on 12th July, 1972 and passed his bachelor’s of engineering degree from Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur also known as IIT Kharagpur, M.S. from Stanford University and Masters of Business (MBA) form University of Pennsylvania.

Sundar Pichai joined Google back in 2004 and started with product management and led projects like Google Chrome browser as well as Chrome OS and other Google Apps. Later on 13th March, 2013 Larry page and Sergey announced Sundar Pichai will lead Android.

Sundar Pichai being the Android King worked in several major projects and one of the highlighting project was Android One Program whose aim was to reach millions and millions of people who can’t afford a smartphone and to provide them the power of Android and ultra low prices.

On 10th of August, 2015, Larry Page CEO of Google & Sergey Brin announces Sundar Pichai as the CEO at Google and Larry Page says

“He (Sundar) has really stepped up since October of last year, when he took on product and engineering responsibility for our Internet businesses. Sergey and I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company. And it is clear to us and our board that it is time for Sundar to be CEO of Google. I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations. I have been spending quite a bit of time with Sundar, helping him and the company in any way I can, and I will of course continue to do that. Google itself is also making all sorts of new products, and I know Sundar will always be focused on innovation — continuing to stretch boundaries.”

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Larry Page also announces one another big news for tech industry. Now Alphabet will be the parental company holding a collection of companies as well as Google. This step to restructure the company is taken to increase the accountability. Larry Page will be running Alphabet as the CEO along with Sergey Brin as the President. (Alphabet – ABC.XYZ)


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