YouTube Launches Country Specific Homepages For Nepal, Pakistan And Sri-Lanka


YouTube Brings Country Specific Homepages For Nepal, Pakistan And Sri-LankaYouTube has been working from a long time to bring more relevant content to its users by identifying what’s popular among the uses of a particular country and then showing that content on the YouTube homepage of that “specific country”. Even further, if a user logs into his Google account and watch videos, the next time he visits YouTube homepage he will be shown related videos based-on what he likes to watch, from his previous history.

YouTube has now launched country specific homepages pages for Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka which will show more relevant and popular video content to the people depending upon their local YouTube domains. Besides that, YouTube already supports Nepali, Sinhalese and Urdu languages which will help to bring more customized experience altogether. This will definitely boost the moral and will help local content creators to come up new video content that could get viral.

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To see and experience the popular video content streaming on other YouTube’s country specific homepages you can change your location as well as language settings by scrolling down to the footer section on the YouTube homepage.

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